Living Alone

by Living Alone

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These are the first 6 songs that we wrote together between April and July in 2013.


released February 25, 2014

Recorded at Colorado Sound and The Core
Engineered by Joey Hidalgo & Nick Sullivan
Mixed by Joey Hidalgo
Mastered by Carl Saff
Additional backing vocals on "Worse Than Sickness" by Woey Hidalgo



all rights reserved


Living Alone Denver, Colorado

Max Boyd: Guitar/ Vocals
Matt Best: Drums/ Vocals
Dan Galansky: Guitar/ Vocals
Dan Gilbert: Bass/ Vocals

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Track Name: Worse Than Sickness
I'm not dying, I'm already dead.

A passing of time won't wait for me,
to figure it out; the things I need
to be, and do, and say.
Sudden ghost of my future
facing me at every turn.
Worse than sickness,
I hate responsibility.

I'm not dying, I'm already dead.
Track Name: Tiger Baby Bullshit
See me more, see me more
I'm the one you ignore.
So much time to myself
So many thoughts to myself,
and they're all about you.

When you play stupid, I lose my interest
Track Name: Weathered
I used to be in the center,
and I can't tell if those surrounding me
began to dissipate, or if I chose to leave.
The place that I used to go to
to get away
time changed.

There's not much left to me and around me
these days.
Fading in the background, and I can't hold on.
I laugh at those clinging to youth and past.
As it's a painful parting, I deal with in silence.

Where will the summers go to?
Where will I, where will we go to?
Fewer and fewer unfamiliarities,
I get weathered maintaining
myself for someone or something.
There's nothing left.
I feel I never honed in or perfected anything.

I live a lonely chaos, headstrong and jaded.
Don't let the lights burn out.
Track Name: Dream Companion
Wonder, as I'm falling through the sky
Will we wake up?

Woe. We may never know how it feels
to be alone, on our very own
intergalactic ride without guidance.

Woke up, had a dream I was gonna die.
The government is trying to kill me.
Beaming sounds and images into my head,
I'm convinced they're trying to make me kill myself

I wonder, when I stare into the skies above me,
are they staring back at me?
I want my own alien companion.
And no doubt about it,
when they're staring back down on us,
that they're (hella)bummed on what they see.
I know, we're fucked. I know and I agree
that dis world be crumblin', yo.
Track Name: Cottonmouth In Stereo
Open the pyramid within your mind.
Completely unravel time.

Track Name: Central Texas
I have memories of places that remain still behind me.
But when I revisit them, they appear the same.
But nothing is.
They are merely become another persons memories.
Of a place that they too will come back to.
And feel has been lost.

I have memories of places.